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In-Home Planning

We begin by scheduling a 1-hour appointment with you, in person at your home.

When we meet, we ask questions that dive deep into what you’d like. We want to learn as much as possible about your taste and your vision for your home, so if we work together, we can be confident that we’re bringing your vision to reality.

We’ll ask targeted questions to get a better sense of your taste and what might work for you. And we’ll answer any questions you have.

During the discussion, we’ll start to create a remodeling plan with you. We’ll get your feedback along the way, to make sure that what we’re suggesting is exactly what you want.

Our remodeling specialist will develop a plan that fits within your budget and space.

If you’re looking for ideas and you don’t necessarily have every detail worked out, that’s okay — we can help. We suggest trying our design services to assist you in fine tuning your selections.

Detailed Proposal

After we meet, you’ll get a detailed, itemized proposal. This will be a fixed-rate proposal with a list of exactly which items are included. That way, you know exactly what to expect, and you can make an informed decision with no surprises.

One thing you might find helpful is that our plan and estimate may include a few variations, where the project includes several options you can choose from. For example, you might choose between a simple project that accomplishes the key changes you’d like, and another option with all the finer details that would transform your home into your dream home.

Depending on your interest, we can then set up another appointment to go over the proposal items and pricing, and answer any questions you have.

If you have any questions about your home remodeling project and what could be possible for your home, just call us at (248) 916-7041, or fill out the form below.

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